Man with tattoos says he's "just as good" as Kaepernick

Sven Brinkenhammer has alot of, what he says are cool tattoos, just like 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick. Now, Sven wants a shot at the Yankees starting lineup and with A-Rods future in jeopardy, he's got his eye on 3B.

"Kaepernick proved it. He paved the road for us tatted men. Its like a brotherhood. All you need is cool tattoos and you can be a me and Colin."

Looks like you have some random and pointless stars...and what the hell does that say on your chest?

"It says put me in as the Yankees third baseman. Pencil me in for 30 homeruns and 100 rbi's. Just like Colin I will come out of nowhere and lead the Yankees to the World Series."

Have you ever played baseball?

"No. But I do enjoy street hockey. Kaepernick was originally a baseball player and he made the transition to the NFL. And he's not as cool as me. I can certainly go from the blacktop to the diamond. No problemo."

We'll have to see if Sven can challenge Youk for the third base job.