Man predicts college football, what the world will look like in 2030 and who the Yankees will sign in 2 weeks

The Yankee fans will do anything to get Cashman to sign someone in the off season. Now we are hearing a bunch of stirring and buzz about Ichiro and Youkilis. Who will sign first if at all?

Luckily for our readers, we managed to track down a “Scientist” who has made claims that the earth will be a complete mess in 2030.

“We will run out of water, food and oxygen.” Curly Victors said as he was stroking a cat. “I think that the earth could look like cracked dry dirt. For all of you who don’t think that is bad, than I don’t know what to tell ya.”

How old are you?

“93 years young.” He replied.

So, basically what you are saying is if you are wrong, it doesn’t really matter, because you won’t be around to blame?

“Exactly, that is what everyone does. We make ridiculous claims and then everyone forgets that we made them. It gets us on the front page of Yahoo though. That is pretty cool.” He added

Are you also making predictions about the Yankees?

“Yes, kind of. In the news, you will see that a bunch of people are saying that Ichiro and Youkilis will both sign with the Yankees. Since this one is within the next couple of weeks, I have decided to say that I think that they might sign with the Yankees. This way if someone calls me out, I will just say that I said maybe. It is a fool proof plan. I am a genius. “ he said

Do you think fans will come around to Youkilis?

“Maybe. You see? It is a great answer. Ha ha. No one will ever question me. I am brilliant!”

We were unable to get him to commit to anything, but we kept on trying.

What do you think will happen? Youk or no Youk? Ichriro or no Ichiro?

According to Wallace Matthews of ESPN, Youkilis is "strongly considering" the Yankees offer, which is for one-year and $12 million for 2013.