Lots resolved - Lots remain

Will Swisher get his money? Will he return to Yankees? Resolved.
Will Yankees finally cut bait on Andruuw Jones? Resolved.
Will Yankees sign any free agents? Resolved, albeit luke warmly.
Will the Yankees finally see Gardi in 2012? Resolved. (Will he learn to be able to steal bases on the 1st or 2nd pitch? UNRESOLVED.)
Will the Yankees ever see Michael Pineda? Unresolved.
Will Yankees and Ichiro (meaning first born son) re-up with each other? Resolved.
Will Derek make a full recovery? Unresolved, although optimistic.
Will A-Rod make a full recovery? Unresolved, but last time he had this surgery, he went positively Ruthian in the 2009 playoffs, so, optimistic.
Will C.C. make a full recovery? Unresolved, but with a nutritionist's help, optimistic.

This is the year that will spell the future reputations for two key hitters in the Yankee lineup.

Curtis Granderson has fallen under the "homeritis" spell; and while the Yankees kept playing him, they also began exploring the possibility that Grandy's AGENT blew smoke in his ears about getting the stats to go "yard" in the free agent market! (Or are those trips oversees a necessary step in seeking a Japan contract where they feel he could be a star?) Grandy should make up his mind quickly, now that he reads his performance in HRs and RBIs is severely mitigated by his .232 and near MLB record 195 Ks. Curtis is quite personable, and I root for him to make the right choices this Winter.

The other career crossroads Yankee is Mark Teixiera. After three consecutive career low avgs, none of which saw the North side of .256, and three very low (for sluggers) OPS's, the last having dipped to career low .811, Mark has much to lose in his aim to get to Cooperstown.

But I think both Grandy and Tex know that 2013 must be rebound years for each of them, and I feel the Yankees, knowing that wild cards are difficult to overcome, will make a real push to get to their usual AL East forefront.

Why is the Yankee catching spot so "up in the air"? Could is possibly be that the kind of match-up that the Yankees seek are a rarity? Let's see... we need a catcher that can hit .250 with "some" pop, not become a sieve behind the plate, throw out enough runners to keep teams honest, and have the balls to tell the manager when his pitcher is laboring. Hmm.

Father time catches up to us all, but amazingly, it was another form of "father time" that pretty much saved the Yankee bacon, last season. But expect Andy Pettitte to retire along with Mariano, come October 2013 - with the grateful thanks of Yankee fans for careers and plaudits well earned.

Lastly, is there now pressure on Joe Girardi? There shouldn't be. His resume' speaks for itself. But when he speaks, especially after losses, he could be telling the absolute Gospel truth, but he sounds like he's searching for the right words, like a spin doctor. (Joe, Hire a writer!)

As I wrote about in a previous TIDBIT article (Unlucky 4), 2014 promises to be a uphill fight!

2013, From the popular holiday song ... "próspero año y felicidad" which simply says, ... Prosperous year and joy (happiness)!