Looking quizzically at this year's Yankee team

To listen to several commentators (or radio personalities), this year's Yankee team will field the oldest lineup since ... well, last old timers day!

But that shouldn't have to worry anyone because today's athletes are better able to handle age than in the past. Did the plethora of baseball players in particular ... who continue to play into their forties in recent years surprise anyone? If it did, think about forcing yourself through the rigors of Spring training, the travel, the hotels, the exercise, and for some non-cheaters, the isolation from marital duties and desires just for one more year's pay. To many of us, it might not be worth it. But to a baseball player, it is usually a humongous amount of money by comparison, to play, or else ... nothing!

Pass me the Doan's pills, get my doctor and ophthalmologist on the speed dial - My wife, kids, Uncle Sam, and I thank you for the extra millions plus - in many cases multi-millions!

And if you lasted this long into your career, platooning is now your friend!

So let's examine just the Yankees of the free agent era - which pretty much coincides with the DH era (1973) - so I needn't research back forever.

Try the quiz: As performed by players as Yankees: To qualify - it counts if they turned 35 DURING the regular season.

1. Most homers after age 35+ in a season
2. Most RBI ----- after age 35+ in a season
3. Most hits ----- after age 35+ in a season
4. Highest BA -- after age 35+ in a season
5. Most wins ---- after age 35+ in a season
6. Most saves -- after age 35+ in a season

Sorry - answers next article.