A little "Bonding"

First, a couple of housecleaning items ... A-Rod, it was announced Monday, is in need of arthroscopic surgery (his hip) and treatment of a cyst. He will shortly undergo this surgery and be out for 6 months (well into next season). So expect another phone call to Eric Chavez, the sooner the better.

Derek had allegedly been seen sporting a "paunch". It's not like he's smuggling pillows - he had a broken leg and was ordered off his feet for SEVERAL weeks. The only exercise he may have had during that time was while looking toward the ceiling, no? He'll be ready when Presidents Day rolls around.

The Yankees had a great defensive catcher with Molina, but couldn't carry his .217 average. So losing a .211 hitter who needed to go on that .258 "tear" in September doesn't seem so hard to imagine.

Message to Francisco Cervelli: "You Only Live Twice". Make the best of any second chance here.

Now, let's see how quickly the Yankee paradigm can shift.

From 1923 through 1953 (21 seasons), when the Yankees went post season it was pretty much an uphill battle for whomever played them. Yankees (just in World Series play) were 68-27, a greater winning percentage than any team had ever produced in a single season, save the 1906 Cubs, who promptly lost the World Series! Wah-wah. In series, the Yanks took home the rings sixteen times in eighteen tries, both losses coming at the hands of the Cardinals, who would do it to the Yankees once more in 1964, the end of the old dynasty.

That's 16 World Championships in just 31 years!

Ruth alone in 23, Ruth/Gehrig thru 32, Gehrig/DiMaggio 36,37,38 DiMaggio and pitching until 43

War years, meh. Returning veterans and DiMaggio/Berra through 51. Mantle, Berra and pitching thru 53 (continued through 63) Mantle/Maris and pitching thru 64.

By then, with the invention of the baseball draft, the Yankees could only protect 40 men and lost countless prospects to other teams and the penultimate paradigm shift depleted the team almost totally.

Enter George Steinbrenner, who originally wanted to buy the indians (Ugh!) Let's all thank our lucky stars that there was trouble with that transaction; and before it could be rectified, Gabe Paul informed Geroge that CBS was looking to dump the Yankees.

An uneasy commingling of a kingpin personality and deeeeeeeeep pockets reset the AL paradigm again and made the Yankee a "Quantum of Solace" to many of us, notwithstanding the sarcastic, "Evil Empire" flack.

As you can see, my avatar embraces that paradigm. Call him Darth Jeter or Darth Steingrabber (as Bill Gallo's Daily News cartoons depicted him - General Von Steingrabber).

And at this time of the year, we Yankees fans could almost always count on a Christmas present from our great rescuer, be it Catfsh, Reggie Bar's, or in later years, Godzilla, C.C., and even A-Rod. Yes, even A-Rod! I'll tell you what: If he comes back by the end of May or early June, I predict he gets 20-25 Hrs and 70-90 RBI - that's in just four months!

But if these guys don't stop gunning for homers next year, the curve balls will hit them like "SKYFALL" in 2012.

And you won't hear Adele singing it for them, either!