Lawyer: I can easily get Yankees out of A-Rod contract

With all of the talk surrounding A-Rod's contract, one lawyer is ready to help the Yankees if called upon. Terrance Fitzelsnitzel has been practicing law for the last few hours and is ready to get the Yankees what they deserve. Fitzelsnitzel is claiming that A-Rod's contract is simple for the Yankees to get out of.

He explains.

"The contract is made out of paper and can easily be ripped in half." said Fitzelsnitzel with a cheesy grin. "I charge like $400 an hour and can do that for the Yankees."

So, are you saying that the Yankees would be free from paying A-Rod if they simply rip a piece of paper in half?

"I usually charge $400 an hour for that type of information." he added

Usually? You have only been practicing law for a few hours.

"Let's put it this way. Let's just say that you write me a check. If I take that check and rip it into pieces, will I be able to cash it?"

I guess not, but what does that have to do with anything?

"If I rip up A-Rod's contract, he won't be able to cash in on the money." he added.

We doubt that is the case, but we didn't feel like paying Fitzelsnitzel or listening to him any longer.

Let's hope the Yankees get out of it.