Lady Gaga Inspired Bag

Everyone has his or her own style. Besides, you should adorn a style that makes you feel comfortable. Lady Gaga is renowned for her not so usual or may be far from usual styles and here is a sample of an accessory that is an exact replica of one of her personal collection. It is called the ‘Lady Gaga Customized Studded Bag’, it is so much Gaga and a crazy creation, yet so totally stylish. It is black in colour though colour variations are available.

This bag is truly eye catching with all those distinct metallic studs adorning the whole body of the bag. The black leather used is completely genuine smooth cowhide leather and the design is simply outstanding. It has two leather handles and offers the luxury of space as well. The inside of the bag is fine black fabric adding to that distinct style of the bag. All the metal, which gives that much needed shine and personality to the bag is silver coloured and quality wise, top ranked (by carlos at tforge inc). The bag is complete with flap closure and zippers within to keep your things secure when you move around in style with this chic creation.

Here is your golden chance to become the proud owner of this one of a kind, limited edition bag. It is available at Baginc and you can purchase it online. Like the bag itself, the price at which this exquisite bag sells is also very genuine. So grab this opportunity to own a wonderful and fresh creation.