Instead of figuring out who will be the Yankees catcher next year, Brian Cashman propels down a building

The Yankees are in desperate need of a starting catcher next year. Instead of worrying about that, Brian Cashman spent his weekend propelling down a building.

"What a jerk." Said Antonio Bucks a mattress tester from the Bronx. "How lazy can you be." he added as he was laying down on a Serta Mattress.

Yankees fans are starting to get antsy. Another fan Maurice Pony explains.

"We have managed to sign 3 senior citizens, lost our catcher and pictures of a fat Derek Jeter have surfaced. How am I supposed to explain to my kids that the Yankees won't win again next year? How am I gonna do it?"

Pony is a bit upset, since he just bought a Russell Martin jersey.

"At least I also bought a Swisher jersey, cause there is no way he is going anywhere." he added.

Do you think our GM should be propelling down buildings at a time like this?

Actually, we don't even care in the least, but it made for a good post...