If the Yankees really wanted to save more money, they should have used GoTo Meeting instead of traveling to the Winter Meetings

The Yankees seem awfully frugal about their spending and fans are wondering what the team will look like in 2013. We found one fan with a different outlook however. Yankees fan Mort Goldberg has been saving money since he was 4 years old and loves what the Yankees are doing. He would actually like to see them save even more.

He explains:

"Did Cashman really have to travel to the Winter Meetings? He didn't do anything there. Couldn't he have used GoTo meetings? He would save on the travel, food and lodging. That money could be put in an interest baring account. In 400 years, the Yankees could use that money to sign Jeter's kids kids kids. Now that's how you manage money."

Goldberg does have a good point. Cashman did jack s^^^ at the meetings. Why did they need to spend the money?

"Precisely. You know I got a guy on 47th street if you ever need a good jeweler." he added for no apparent reason.

Maybe the Yankees will look into a meeting alternative for next year?