How to Renovate Your Basement to Build a Man Cave

It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone needs a little personal space from time to time. For some women, they might have a reading room, a sewing or crafts room, or heck maybe they use the kitchen as a way to have some quiet time, try new recipes, or just cook to let off some steam. Men are a little different, though, usually when a guy needs some quiet time he will go into the garage and fiddle around with the car or another automobile, but what if you aren’t that type of guy? Or what if you don’t have a garage? Another option to think about is a man cave. A man cave is a space dedicated to those things you hold near and dear to your heart. Maybe you’re a video game guy, maybe you like to invite your guy friends over and watch the game, or perhaps you like to have whiskey and cigars. No matter what you like, a man cave is going to be a superb option for your home. This is usually a room that is basement-dedicated. Below, we will be talking about the 2 types of man caves and some basic must haves for the man cave.

2 Types Of Caves
Let say you want to renovate the basement to something a little classier in style or you plan on doing things like hanging out, smoking cigars, etc in your basement, you will want a more upscale decor. This includes all the usual aspects you would expect a man to like; deep earthy colors like greens and browns, durable upscale materials like wood, leather and stainless steel and tile flooring that is easy on the eyes, but also easy to clean. If you haven’t visited yet, now is the time to have a look at the variety of materials to choose for your personal man cave. Think about stone flooring, porcelain tile flooring or even laminate flooring– if you have the extra money, by all means consider an exotic hardwood flooring.

The second type is dedicated to those men that want a more personal feel to it, you have your baseball collection or coin collection, or maybe you have collected a bunch of vinyl records and have a turntable. The second option is less about the social approach and more about the personal approach. Often the things you collect are going to be a part of the decor, and that’s okay. The personal man cave is going to have a simpler feel to it, you might only need a few things like shelving, display lights, a cozy couch to sit on or maybe even a worktable.

Moisture Resistant Flooring
Yea, you’re a guy. But, you probably do want a floor that is not only moisture resistant, but also nice in terms of aesthetic appeal, and easy on your feet. Two options to consider; concrete or interlocking modular laminate flooring. Concrete can be painted or have a dye mixed with it, it can also be made to look like other materials like tile and wood. Wood laminate flooring can also be made to look like almost any material, but they specialize in wood looking patterns. The laminate, if they are interlocking, are super easy to install. If you do the kitchenette or kitchen, also make sure your counter and cabinet materials are also durable and resistant to mold and mildew.

Basic Plumbing
How about when you you want to stay downstairs for your time and not worry about going upstairs, you will need two basic plumbing fixtures; the toilet and a sink. This is a pretty simple setup. If you plan on having a kitchenette or a small kitchen, you will also want to consider a sink in the kitchen area or even a dishwasher get help from local plumber for this.

Eliminating Musty Smells
Sure, it's a man cave, but I doubt you want it to smell musty down there. There are a number of reasons which you can read on to know why your basement would smell all musty. Make sure you purchase a high capacity dehumidifier for the basement so that it eliminates any musty or musty smells. This should also help keep any mold and mildew away as well.

Sound Proofing
If you plan on playing music, watching the game, playing video games etc, you not only want your noise to stay in the immediate area and not go outside or upstairs for that matter, but you also don’t want other noises from outside coming in. Consider soundproofing the walls, and placing double pane windows in the rooms. When live on a busy road you can also think about buying noise canceling products.

Insulate Exterior Walls
Whether your basement is above ground or below, it can get pretty darn chilly down there as soon as October comes rolling around, especially, when living in a cooler state. Because of this, you need to make sure that you insulate the exterior walls and that you add some sort of a heating system in the basement, it can be via your HVAC system or you could even add a fireplace for extra heat.

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