Here's Johnny! Yankees land Cueto

Well, not quite, but we did talk with one fan, Herman Mullinglsy who had some trade suggestions.

"I’m sick of ARod. He stinks in the playoffs...flat out STINKS! I want him gone!"

What’s the proposal?

“Well, I saw on the sportcenter that Scott Rolen may retire. Voila. The Reds need a third baseman."

So A-Rod for Cueto?

"Let’s not be hasty. I don’t believe in giving away the farm. A-Rod, although he flat out stinks, is a future hall of famer. No. In the deal we also get Bruce, Votto, Phillips, Chapman, and Steven Strasburg."

He's not even on the same team.

"It will be a three way. We send Washington a promising young star like Brandon Laird."

The Yankees don't even have Laird anymore.

"I don't care. I want A-Rod gone!