Hawaii 5-0 fan wants America to vote for how Yankees games will end

The television world is buzzing over tonights episode of Hawaii 5-0 where three endings have been filmed and America will get to vote as the show is on for the ending they want to watch.

Yankees fan and Hawaiian shirt collector Claude Voodu is now suggesting that Yankees games end the same way.

"Well not ALL of them, persay." Claude explained to us. "Maybe we just do a few at first and then ramp it up as the season goes on. I look at it like this. Mo is coming off an injury and the Yankees are coming off a terrible season. How great would it be if no matter how bad they played, the game stops in the 8th inning and America gets to decide how it ends. Its brilliant!"

You do understand that most people outside of New York dislike the Yankees.

"Well maybe the voting will be just people in New York. Or better yet, just people that have Yankees season tickets. That way we'll be sure to have a great record."

We are doubtful Claudes plan will be accepted, but he still plans to watch Hawaii 5-0 tonight for more ideas.

"Maybe we can get the players to wear Hawaiian pinstripes. And leis. And instead of beer we could sell Pina Coladas. And instead of infield dirt we use sand"!

Okay Claude calm down.