The Hall of Fame ballot is full with a bunch of new clowns

The National Baseball Hall of Fame ballot was released today and I can’t help but to fall down on the floor, roll around and laugh at the new class.

Most notably are the cheaters who stuck needles in their rear ends. First you got Clemens who to this day denies any use of steroids, like we are supposed to believe that he had his best pitching seasons when he was close to age 40.

Then you got Bonds. Another jerk that put on 100 pounds of muscle and hit 72 home runs in a season, but led the public to believe that he thought he was putting on after shave and not steroids.

Then there is Sosa. Well, Sosa is just a moron. Look at his picture. Complete fool.

See the complete list here: Click Here

Representing the Yankees are two of the most classy players of all time. Mr. Donny Baseball and Bernie Williams. Both are long shots, but deserve more considerations than the clowns above.

The question is… who if anyone of the steroid users will be selected?