Girardi's brother wants to manage the Mets?

With the Harbaugh brothers facing each other in the Superbowl, a man claiming to be Joe Girardi's brother wants to manage the Mets.

We're not sure if Pisano Girardi of Girardi's Pizza is actually Joe's brother, but he says he is and that's good enough for us.

"Dem Harbaugh bruddus is a coachin in a da supa bowl heh? I wanna coach a da Mets and a face a my brudduh Joesepi in a da world series heh."

Pisano Girardi has no baseball experience, but makes a mean calzone.

"Da trick is a da sauce...just a like you mamma used to make heh? Try a dat."

Like the rest of the sports media, we will now devout 24 hour a day coverage to the potential of a Girardi brothers world series.