Foolish man: Watching Yankeeography's hungover doesn't help you feel better

A lot of people celebrated the New Year by drinking lots of alcohol.

One hungover man said that watching Yankeeography's all day is not the cure for his aches and pains.

"I drank 17 beers, made out with something I think was a girl and spent $475 at Denny's." said Cheech Springfield a picture frame repair man." I feel like someone took my head and whacked it with a frying pan."

And they did. A friend of ours showed us a video of someone smacking Cheech with a pan at Denny's. Apparently your not supposed to walk into the kitchen at Denny's with your pants down.

"That would explain why I had eggs in my ear." said Cheech

Cheech's friends say they dropped him off around 3:30am.

"I woke up today and started watching Yankeeography's over and over. I thought it would help my headache but it didn't."

The logic certainly doesn't seem to make any sense, but people will try anything.

Here is what we believe is the perfect fix.

The perfect hangover remedy is: Drinking water with Emergen C and take an aspirin at night before you go to bed. In the morning, drink more water, take an aspirin and eat some chicken soup broth.