Fans outraged over Alex Rodriguez portrait, just days after Princess Kate's was revealed

Fans are absolutely outraged over a Alex Rodriguez portrait that was released on Sunday. Just days after Princess Kate's portrait was revealed and people were complaining, fans of A-Rod are following suit.

We aren't sure why people give a damn about what a painting looks like, but these days, people need to feel like they are doing something.

"I think the colors are all wrong." said Jones Hops a gasoline station clerk. "I need something with a little more substance. A little more pizazz."

"It doesn't look anything like him. I have never seen him on a couch, so that is just unrealistic." said Harris Carpetski a used carpet salesman

The painter was 38 year old Isaac Baris. He decided to do a painting, because he grew up as a kid using crayons and finger paints. The next most logical progression would be to paint a professional baseball player. He explains.

"Why not? I have nothing better to do. I like colors, I like the Yankees. So what? I can paint if I want." he added

Baris won't likely let this fame go to his head as he is a very humble individual. He explains.

"Money is everything. I think material things are the reason we should live. I am probably the best painter still living."

With being so humble, we hope Issac succeeds at what ever he does. I think he is well on his way.