Fans observation: Yankees are too young, must get older verterans on the team

The latest Yankee rumors have fans puzzled. The first one is that the Yankees are trying to acquire Vernon Wells from the Angels. Besides being terrible, Vernon is getting up there in age. The second rumor is that Troy Glaus has reached out about a possible job. Glaus is another washed up has been.

The Yankees team average age is hovering around 67 years old and with these types of acquisitions that age is only going to increase.

We did however find a fan with a different perspective on the age players should be.

"I think the Yankees need to get older." said Woodrow Stevens a 87 year old historian. "Look at me. I can play ball. Just point me to the nearest coal train and I will head to New York."

Don't you think the Yankees are old enough?

"Nope, I think they need to get wiser by getting older. I run to the bathroom every 5 minutes and I can really move. You just don't see players hustle like that anymore. The more you practice the better you get. That is why my age makes me a perfect candidate." he added.

We are not sure if an 87 year old player would be a good thing, but I am sure the Yankees aren't ruling anything out. As for Vernon Wells and Glaus... We will have to see how that unfolds.