Expert: Joba will most likely still throw at Youkilis even if he is on the same team

As many will remember, Joba and Youkilis have had bad blood for quite some time. Joba would usually hurl a 99 MPH fast ball at Youlilis's head, then Youkilis would start whining like a little girl and they would both get into it for a bit.

Well, all that is about to change, or is it? We talked to a local expert in the field of throwing baseballs at people, Art McGuthry "Dr. of moving baseballs". He believes that Joba will still throw at Youkilis even if they are on the same team.

He explains.

"Joba is white trash." he said to an ovation of Red Sox fans. "Youkilis is white trash too." he added to an ovation of Yankee fans, until they realized he was now a Yankee.

We asked him to go into a little more detail.

"You can't take the trash out of Joba. I would expect him to pick up a baseball and throw at Youkilis in the middle of a team dinner. It is partly his competitive nature and partly that he is a complete buffoon. My advice to Youkilis would be to block the ball with your sea bass and duck under the table. Since Joba is going to be throwing at that bald head, I'd wear a wig." he added.

This is an interesting situation to say the least. We will have to see what happens between the two.