Is the Elf on the shelf watching Cashman to see if he makes good or bad moves?

It has been reported that former drug addict and current center fielder Josh Hamilton has signed a 125 million dollar deal with the Angels. This news coming after the Dodgers picked up another big name, Zack Greinke. With all of these blockbuster moves happening, it is strange that the Yankees aren't a part of it. Some say that the Yankees are tightening their spending, but another theory has surfaced that makes a lot more sense.

It has been rumored that Hank Steinbrenner has placed an Elf on Brian Cashman's shelf to make sure he is making good moves this off season. We talked to one Yankees fan Rudolph Dears to hear his take on that theory.

"That actually makes complete sense to me. The Elf on the Shelf spies on you to find out if you are being good. Then he peeks in on your wife in the shower. After that, he drinks all of your beer, then he peeks at your wife again, then he goes through your wallet, then he gets in your car and heads to tattle tail on you to Santa. If I was Cashman, I wouldn't want to get involved with all of that. I would just not sign anyone and try to be good. Its not worth risking your presents." said Rudolph Dears a former bowler and current buffoon.

Could this be the direct reason that Cashman decided not to sign Hamilton? Is it possible that Cashman thought Hamilton would start using drugs again and Santa would frown upon something like that?

"I've seen it plenty of times. A guy will goof off and party it up really hard and make some bad moves, resulting in coal in their stocking. You place one of those Elf's in the room and it is a whole different ball game. I used to smoke crack. My wife put one of those Elf's on the fireplace mantel and I have been clean ever since. It's weird how it works, but it does." he added.

We are not sure if Cashman really does have an Elf on his shelf, but we do know that he hasn't done much. Makes sense.