Douchebag wins dumbest Youkilis T-Shirt idea

Meet Archy Lettuce, a T-Shirt designer from Brooklyn NY. Archy enjoys sipping tea, watching soap opera's and designing foolish T-Shirts.

We heard a rumor that his latest T-Shirt idea was just announced as the news of the Youkilis signing was released.

"It is a dream come true. I have been wanting to sell this shirt for awhile, but Youkilis wasn't playing in New York, so it didn't make any sense. I quit my job as soon as I heard that it was a possibility that Youkilis would be a Yankee." he said.

Good thing for Archy that Youkilis is now a Yankee. Bad news is, his shirt is dumb and probably won't sell.

"It is brilliant. People love New York City. People kind of like Youkilis, but not really. Put the two together and presto, there you have it. It might just maybe sell!" he said as he just missed his last rent payment.

We don't have a good feeling about the shirt, but we will have to wait and see. Would you buy one?