Did the Yankees send a dummy to the Winter meeting's instead of Cashman? Reason for no moves?

We are just learning of a rumor that has been going around Tennessee. Someone is saying that they figured out why the Yankees aren't making any moves.

"I figured it out." Said Sir Roderick Jonesy the 3rd. "Cashman ain't even here. The Yankees sent a dummy instead. I am the only one that caught on."

After seeing the above photo, we kind of see what Sir Roderick Jonesy is saying.

"Clearly the person is not real. I mean, the tuxedo tipped me off right away. Other than that, it looks like Cashman." he added.

Jonesy did have a point. During the entire press conference, Cashman didn't move or even say a word.

"Exactly. The only part that busts my myth, is that it looks so much like Cashman." he added.

We looked again at the photo above and although it does look exactly like a human Cashman, we now have our doubts. We will be watching extremely close to see if any moves are made tomorrow. If they are not, it is definitely a dummy.