Did A-Rod go too far this time? Inappropriate even?

Can A-Rod recover this time?

Does he even want to play anymore knowing his life will be complete hell? We are thinking that he is holding strong because he wants his money. We don't blame him for wanting the rest of the money he is owed, but don't think he deserves a penny of it.

As it stands right now, A-Rod is the biggest fraud in major league baseball. He may not have been involved in a murder like a certain football player was, but he has the making of an ultimate jackass.

"The guy can't play without injecting horse hormones in his ass. Plain and simple, he is a complete fruitcake." added crossword puzzle doer Jake Trevors. "You know he is only going to spend his money on cheesy crap anyway. The guy still goes out in Miami like he his a young guy. He is loser is what he is"

With all of the talent of a baseball great, he felt as insecure as a high school girl. Witnesses say they used to see A-Rod walking around putting on lipstick and spritzing up his hair.

"I've seen him at the lockers one time and he slapped a kids books out of his hands." recalls little Billie McGuire of JP Junior High. "He was triple dog dared and he did it. I mean I mean I mean, his name was Alex, and he was acting like a jerk, so I assume it is the same person."

We are still trying to figure out why A-Rod was supposedly in a Junior High, but the fact that he was acting like a fool is believable.

Did Mr. Rod go to far this time with the steroids? Is he ruined?