Did Nick Swisher succumb to the pressure in NYC?

So a lot of Yankees fans are down on Nick Swisher after he addressed being booed in Yankee Stadium.

The New York fans expect a lot from their players and will let you hear it if you don't come through in the clutch. Some fans are saying that Nick is soft. Others think he is a pansy.

One guy explains.

"Swish is a nice guy. He smiles a lot which is great. He has a great attitude. That would be great if he was a greeter at Wal Mart, but he is not. He is getting paid millions of dollars to hit in the playoffs. If he doesn't, then he isn't doing his job and the ticket I paid for gives me the right to yell what ever the heck I want to." said Stu Adams a Bleacher Creature.

We actually met Nick back in spring training his first year with the Yankees and he was a great guy. We didn't even think he was going to play that year. We figured Nady would be in RF, Tex would be on 1B and Nick would be chewing tobacco in the dugout. Then... Nady got hurt and Nick got his chance.

"The guy puts up decent stats in the regular season and blows ass in the playoffs. What good is that? Get rid of the bum." said 97 year old Gertrude Perkins of the Bronx.

With a lot of rumors swirling a week out from the winter meetings, where will Nick go? The Red Sox? San Fran?

Time will tell.