Did Cervelli run away from the Biogenesis clinic?

Everyday,we hear of more and more players that are linked to the Biogenesis Clinic in Miami. First it was Melky, Bartolo Colon, A-Rod, Gio Gonzalez and Nelson Cruz. Now, we are hearing that Francisco Cervelli,Ryan Braun and Peralta are involved.

Wait, back up for a second. Francisco Cervelli?

Biogenesis may want to deny this rumor as it would make them look really bad.Cervelliis terrible and I am sure they wouldn't want to take credit for that. With this rumor floating around, what will the Yankees do at catcher now?

How stupid can playersbe?

"I should have never put video's of me shooting up steroids on Youtube." Said a player who was caught using PEDs. "That was dumb, but not as dumb as it was for me to ask an umpire to rub the steroid cream on my ass. I didn't think he was going to catch me. Well, he turned me in."

Players can be complete morons, but others are good examples.Take Jeter for instance. Let's cross our fingers that nothing bad happens there.