Curt Schilling falling on hard times? He is now selling his socks?

Curt Schilling is notorious for polarizing fans. Yankee fans hate him, Red Sox fans like him I think and most people in general think he is a fool.

His latest venture was with video games. He applied for a grant, which gave him oodles of money to try start up a company. He hired a bunch of people and then ended up running the company into the ground laying off everyone.

We are now learning that he is selling his bloody socks to make money. Now, who the heck would buy someone's sock? Will he sell his underpants next? One guy weighed in.

"I love me some good socks.You find me some socks and I will buy me some socks. Blue socks, white socks, wool socks, soccer socks... I love them all." said Gary Trumpits a candy advocate. "I'd buy his sock. How much is he selling it for?"

So you want a disgusting sock that has blood on it?

"I would most certainty put it in the washing machine dummy." added Gary

We are guessing the sock could fetch $100,000.

"I would probably sell my house then. I want it, I deserve it, I need to own it and you can't stop me."

Since we have nothing to do with the sock, we let Gary go on his way to purchase it. As for the sock, is it something you would want?