Complete moron: The term winter meetings is grammatically incorrect

Baseball fans are ready for the annual winter meetings in Tennessee to show up for the Yankees. Bronx Goblin has semi-complete coverage of the event and big trades, signings, and made up stories are expected. We think?

One fool, Bartholomew Vandersike has gone on record as having an issue with the MLB Winter Meetings.

"The term, simply put, is grammatically incorrect. Everyone knows winter doesn't start until December 21st. In actuality, it should be called the late-fall meetings. In fact i'm penning a letter to Mr. Selig as we speak to have it amended."

Why does it matter?

"It's a downward trend in all of our society. Children nowadays are quoting rappers, speaking in slang, and being downright imprudent. I won't stand for it."

You may want to go ahead and set your home page to Bronx Goblin right now, we'll continue to have all the coverage you'll need for the winter/late-fall meetings