With the award for most boring offseason in history closing in, the Yankees decided to make headlines this weekend when they added utility man Russ Canzler.

Please, everyone, take time to catch your breath.

Canzler is 26, and in 26 games for the Indians as a September callup last year, he hit .269 (25-for-93) with three home runs and 11 RBIs. Canzler is an outfielder by trade, but get this; he can also play first base AND be a designated hitter.

"It's like getting excited for Christmas, then opening up a pack of socks." One guy said.

Since the season ended, Canzler was waived by Cleveland, signed by Toronto, waived by Toronto, reclaimed by Cleveland, then finally waived again. Props to the Yankees for snagging this diamond in the rough.

Canzler is known to have several roudy fans that follow him religiously - all have the last name of Canzler though we think this may just be coincidence.

This move shows just how hungry the Yankees are after getting swept out of the playoffs last year. With Canzler on the bench, and occasionally filling in, the sky is the limit.