Breaking down why Tom Brady wears that dumb winter hat

If you watched the Raven's beat up on the Patriots last night, you would have seen Tom Brady wearing a winter hat on the side lines. He was taking it on and off, fluffing up the ball on top, putting it on the heater. You name it, he was doing it. Winter hats make sense when it is cold out, so we understand why he had it.

What we don't understand is why he wears it in press conferences, or when it is 60 degrees out. That part makes no sense.

Until now...

We have come to the conclusion that Tom Brady is just an asshole. Yes, a complete asshole. From his dumb faces, girly haircuts and all around idiocy, he is just an ass. There is no other explanation.

We did talk to a Patriots fan to get his perspective to see if we were missing something.

"Tom is so cool. I mean who else could get a haircut like Justin Bieber and still be so tough? Who else could get an endorsement for Ugg boots? Belichick is a good sport." said Pete O'Shay from Boston.

Well there you have it. Brady is an ass.