Arrogant Groundhog predicts superbowl

Are you ready for the Super Bowl?

Arrogant jerk and local Groundhog Richard McCarthy is riding high from his prediction that Spring will come early this year. Judging by the ridiculous weather, he could either be right or he can be completely wrong.

He explains.

"Pssh. You can obviously see that I predicted early Spring. You know I'm right, you just know it. Okay, prove me wrong then!" he said as no one was arguing with him.

It is strange to begin with that a 54 year old man by the name of Richard walks around town in Groundhog costume, but he has been doing it for years.

"It's none of your damn business that I drink moonshine. None of your damn business!" he added as he was clearly walking sideways and trying not to fall.

It is a wonder that the whole country depends on a muskrat to forecast the weather, when we have tons of meteorologists that can't predict the present weather. I guess that is the way it goes.

While he was making predictions, we asked him about tonight's game. You can either check out for some Super Bowl odds, or trust Richard. Who will win the Super Bowl?

Richard? .... Hello, Richard?

At this point we noticed Richard was passed out on the ground, but he was holding a piece of paper that said that the Baltimore 49ers would win.

Hmm. didn't make sense, but neither do most of our blog posts.