Is the AL East going to the Birds?

Last season, the Orioles made the playoffs for the first time in 50 years with a surging young team. They look to build on their success for 2013. They challenged the Yankees for the division title and finished just 2 games out.

The Toronto Blue Jays were just 73-89 but have made some major transactions this offseason including acquiring RA Dickey, Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle and Melkey Cabrera. With several solid players already in tow like Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista, the Blue Jays could be poised for a postseason run.

Meanwhile, the Yankees won the division but were woeful in the playoffs and their transactions this offseason to get better have been benign at best. A team of old men just got a year older.

We talked to Alfred Hitchcock fan Tommy Fiasco.

"I study the films of Hitchcock" Fiasco said. "Not at University of course, but just on my own."

What are your thoughts on the offseason?

"I believe te scariest movie of all time is The Birds. I believe the teams represented by the birds will be finishing 2013 better than the Yankees."

Whoa. Willl the Yankees have a chance?

"How does The Birds end? I'll tell you. The birds win. The people lose. In this case, I think the Yankees are in trouble."

There you have it. Are the Yankees days of being atop the AL East over?